1. Is there a membership fee?
    • AVE is a project of passion and goodwill, but the reality is hosting a website costs money. While AVE is still a puppy, there is no membership fee to encourage user registration and use of the application. As we continue to grow, it will likely be necessary to charge a small annual fee to cover maintenance costs. This fee would go toward basic server maintenance and web hosting costs, as well as minimal compensation for our time spent programming and maintaining the site. We’re definitely keeping our day jobs.
    • If and when we decide to instate a user fee, all current users will be notified in advance. We do not currently collect any payment information, so there is no risk of being automatically charged.
  1. Why do you need my information and how are you keeping it safe?
    • We require only the most basic of information necessary for identifying the owner of the account and processing payments in the future. Your user type is optional, but is helpful for us in determining our key audiences to improve the user experience.
    • Please see our Privacy policy for details on how your information is stored and protected.
  1. Can I share my login with my coworker(s)?
    • Please don't. AVE is intended for use by a single user per account. While AVE is free, the number of users registered and frequency of use by each user is valuable information for determining site growth, so we would appreciate each user registering individually.
  1. Where do you get your data?
    • All of this data is available to the public via the OpenFDA website, you just need to speak a little computer lingo to access it, which is where we come in. Our goal is to make it simple for anyone to find quick results for their question, without having to figure out how to ask the question first.
  1. Where did OpenFDA get their data?
    • Veterinary adverse events are reported to the FDA either by the manufacturer of the drug or by someone involved with the case (e.g. pet parent, veterinarian, pharmacist, technician, etc). While manufacturers are required to report when their drug is involved in an adverse event, all other reporting is entirely voluntary, so the information contained on OpenFDA is not a complete representation of all events that have occurred. 
  1. Why is my search not returning any results?
    • This could happen for a few reasons:
      1. Your search is too specific. Try removing some of your search terms.  
      2. Your date range needs adjustment. Make sure your dates are broad enough to include the likely timeline of events you are seeking.
      3. There just aren’t any matching reported events. Remember that most of these reports are voluntary, so sometimes the data just isn’t there, unfortunately.
  1. I still have questions, now what?
    • Contact us directly and we’ll do our best to help.
  1. I have some suggestions, do you want them?
    • Absolutely! We’re always looking to improve our service, so please contact us with any feedback.